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Valuing the Student Story

Eugene-Area Educators Wrap Up Town Hall Symposium Series on Institutional Racism, Strengthen Community Ties

3 (Teaching) Wishes Granted

Across the state, Oregon educators' most innovative teaching ideas come to fruition through grants from OEA's Center for Great Public Schools

The Larger Micro-Issue

Students in Michelle Colbert's art classroom share their experiences through the Micro-Aggression Awareness Program.

Lifting Every Voice

Through OEA’s Story-of-the-Day project, Legislators Get a Peek Inside Our Classrooms – and Our Hearts

Oregon Gets Engaged

Engaged in a single afternoon, Astoria's organizing effort goes all out

Graduating with Honors

OEA’s Inaugural Quality Assessment Practices Cadre Completes Their Learning Journey

Join the Fight for Health Care for All

The first submission for the the member-driven Social Justice Spotlight column sheds light on the benefits of a single-payer healthcare system.

When Investments Pay Off

OEA's Strategic Action Plan Successfully Fulfills Vision for Greater Member Engagements

$8.2 Just Won't Do

Oregon's Budget Proposal Falls Far Short of What Schools Need to Avoid Massive Cuts