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Transgender Bathroom Protections

By Charles Lapham

Earlier this year the Trump Administration rolled back federal guidance designed to protect transgender students from discrimination. Considering these events, it’s become even more urgent to review Oregon’s anti- discrimination laws, as well as look for new ways we can support and protect LGBTQ students and members.

In May of 2016, the Oregon Department of Education issued guidance to school districts creating several protections for transgender students. Despite the federal changes, these protections remain in e ect.

Here are what Oregon’s transgender guidelines say:

  • Students should be able to use the bathroom, names, and pronouns of the gender with which they identify.
  • School leaders should use students' preferred names on transcripts and diplomas.
  • A student's gender identity should not exclude them from participation in programs or activities.
  • Students should be able to participate in PE and sports corresponding to their gender identity.
  • Districts must adopt a policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation or bullying of transgender students.
  • School personnel should not disclose information that could reveal a student’s transgender identity. 

While retracting the guidance still allows states, like Oregon, to set policies protecting transgender students, it demonstrates a lack of compassion for students.

Educators and schools have a responsibility to continue supporting transgender students, regardless of the Trump Administration’s actions.

Rescinding this guidance opens the door to bullying and discrimination. Educators will continue working to protect our transgender students in Oregon and across the nation. 

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