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Take part in #OEAMayDAY

By Hanna Vaandering, OEA President

President's Column

For the past ve years we have made a huge investment in our future through the Strategic Action Plan. We set out to grow our capacity and engage and empower our members. I believe our investment is paying o now and will continue to pay o well into the future. Getting involved is key. Every member doing a little something is the answer. That being said, we have an OPPORTUNITY for you.

May 1, 2017 will be a Day of Action — #OEAMayDay! There are endless options for you to make this a day to remember, a day we move toward the schools our students deserve. Here are just a few ways you can show your support for our students and public: wear Red for Public Ed on May 1, sign our pledge at oregoned.org/ OEAMayDay, post your educator story on social media, work with your school board to pass a safe and welcoming school resolution, join a walk-in, and talk to community members about our public schools.

Let’s make this a great day for our students and public educa- tion and show the Legislature just how motivated we are to build the schools our students deserve. For more information, go to oregoned.org/OEAMayDay or contact your local president. 

Joined by fellow educators, OEA President Hanna Vaandering meets with members of the press during OEA's second Legislative Training Day, March 27. 

Photo credit: Charles Lapham

OEA RA is right around the corner. I look forward to seeing many of you at the Red Lion for the largest democratic deliberative body in the state of Oregon. We will be discussing many issues that will

Joined by fellow educators, OEA President Hanna Vaandering meets with members of the press during OEA's second Legislative Training Day, March 27.

We will be discussing many issues that will impact our union and our students for years to come, but most of all, we will be taking action. Please be prepared to have your voice heard and continue to build our union

Legislative session is in full swing and there is no shortage of education bills to keep our members and sta busy. We are advo- cating for the professional discretion that we as educators need to di erentiate our instruction to meet the needs of each of the over 500,000 students we serve in our public schools.

I have had the privilege of testifying on many issues and am proud to represent 44,000 of the most thoughtful, caring Orego- nians. Thank you to all of the members who joined us for our two lobby days this year; your voice makes a difference. For those of you who were unable to join us, I encourage you to go to a local town hall or set up appointments with your legislators. It is far too easy for legislators to ignore the great need in our schools when those who are living the reality are not the voices being heard. We are happy to help you set up appointments or provide support in any way pos- sible.

Thank you for all you do every day to help us reach our vision of “improving the lives of all Oregonians through quality public education.” 

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