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Putting Books into the Hands of Oregon Children

By Janet Jackson, OEA-Retired

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"There is no substitute for books in the life of a child."

— Mary Ellen Chase, American scholar, teacher and writer

The Oregon Education Association-Retired Literacy Project has been going strong since 2009. Our mission is simple: putting books into the hands and homes of Oregon children. At every OEA-Retired meeting and event (and at OEA-RA), we collect new and gently used children’s books, and then distribute them to places where there are children—social service agencies, clinics, preschools, shelters, and, of course, schools. The only requirement is that the books must be given to children to take home “for keeps.” We check the books for appropriateness and condition, used books are cleaned with dis- infecting wipes, and then a sticker is placed on the front of each book that says, “TAKE ME HOME! I am donated to you by Oregon Education Association-Retired members.” 

We have provided over 8,500 books to Oregon children from Lakeview to Astoria, from Enterprise to Coquille, and many points in between. The thank you notes, letters and pictures we get from adults and children are truly heartwarming. One of the best: “I feel happy because I get to keep the book.”

If you have donated books to our project, we thank you. If you know of a place that would like to receive a donation, please contact me at gogirl2@ comcast.net

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