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Educator Voice: Why I'm Voting Yes on Measure 101

"Kids cannot learn if they're not healthy."

By Alma Vela | Woodburn Educator

Alma Vela, First Grade Teacher in the Woodburn School District

I am proud that OEA has stepped up to support Measure 101. As an educator, I see the impact of access to healthcare in my classroom every day. Students who are sick are unable to focus and learn. Students need healthcare to succeed!
Measure 101 ensures healthcare for the most vulnerable Oregonians, particularly Oregon’s kids and students. No child should fall behind in school because their family cannot afford a doctor’s visit.
I want my students to excel and live up to their full potential.  

Healthcare is more than just treating children when they’re sick, it’s about helping kids get healthy and stay healthy. Measure 101 makes sure every child in Oregon has access to healthcare, meaning families are stable and parents don’t struggle with the stress of knowing that an unanticipated visit to the emergency room could break them financially. 

I know firsthand what this means because I was on the Oregon Health Plan myself as a child.  I remember vividly not going to the doctor when I was young because we were waiting until we were covered. The Oregon Health Plan helped get me the health care I needed to succeed in school — but so many kids are at risk of losing the opportunity I had. As a teacher and a former Oregon Health Plan recipient, I invite you to join me and my fellow educators across Oregon in voting YES on Measure 101.

Please join me in voting YES on January 23rd!

What is Measure 101?

Measure 101 protects health coverage for all Oregon children. More than 400,000 Oregon kids count on the money raised by Measure 101 to access the healthcare they need. As educators, we believe that no family should have to choose between rent and healthcare for their children. Every child deserves access to care just like they deserve access to a good school.

Measure 101 is a fee on hospitals and insurance companies that funds Medicaid, which provides healthcare coverage to 1 in 4 Oregonians.  The money from 101:

  • Ensures every child in Oregon has access to healthcare.
  • Protects healthcare for working families, seniors and people with disabilities.
  • Stabilizes healthcare costs and insurance premiums for people who buy their own insurance.

OEA is so glad to be joined by such a broad coalition of groups like AARP, Confederation of Oregon School Administrators, League of Women Voters, Oregon Nurses Association, Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems, Oregon Medical Association, and so many more! Check out the broad coalition at http://yesforhealthcare.org/

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