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Bundle up! OEA-Retired heads to Iceland

By Ray Johnson, OEA-Retired

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Is it possible to have a good time and also turn the experience into a tax deduction? OEA-Retired has worked that out for you. Through its travel partner, Collette, one of its tours for next summer, July 23–31, will be “Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice.”

The tour to this near-Arctic Circle country will begin and end in Portland. The first stop will be Reykjavik, the capital, with travel around the central and western part of the island. Travelers will experience the formation of Iceland from volcanic forces and see the dramatic contrasts of steaming lava fields and hot pools with massive glaciers, including a dip in one of the pools.

A camera will be a must to capture sightings of minke and humpback whales, along with white beak dolphins and harbor porpoises in their natural habitat. There will also be countless birds—puffins, cormorants, kittiwakes and white tailed eagles—for viewing.

Other sights will include learning about the 400-year-old tradition of catching and preserving Greenland shark, a folk museum that covers all aspects of Icelandic life and geothermal greenhouses.

The tour will last nine days and include 13 meals, airfare from Portland, taxes and fees, day trips, cruises, and a full-time guide for a total cost of $4,599 double occupancy.

A deposit of $250 will reserve the trip. Travel insurance of $280, purchased through Collette, is recommended and must be purchased at the time of deposit. The trip can be canceled up to 24 hours prior to departure with the full cost of your deposit refunded, but the insurance fee is not refundable. January 17 is the deadline to reserve a booking to see the spectacular landscape of this small island and learn much about Iceland to take back to share with your students.

For more information and/or registration materials, contact Nancy Lewis at nancyjolewis@gmail.com or 503-639-7050. 

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